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Daniel Hurt is a cloud computing specialist proudly serving Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the surrounding area. Daniel Hurt is also a humanitarian and respected Florida citizen who has fought hard to improve the lives of those around him. This unique individual will always be a leader in his community, no matter where life takes him. His story is one of inspiration and passion.

Daniel Hurt’s Early Interest in Computers

Daniel Hurt was always interested in computers from a young age. However, in the early 2000s, he severely played around with computers. He and his friends became interested in building high-quality models and started making his dad’s home office computer.

It was from this early success that Dan Hurt built his lengthy career. His goal was to make his dad happy by providing a computer that met his needs. Since then, Hurt has focused his career on making his customers happy by delivering cloud computing solutions that meet their exacting needs.

Expanding His Passion

Daniel Hurt became even more interested in computers as he matured into adulthood. He got his degree in Computer Science and was acclaimed as a promising student by his teachers. After completing his degree, he got a job at a tech company and began learning his trade.

Since then, Daniel Hurt has moved back to his hometown of Fort Lauderdale and become a cloud consultant. His biggest passions continue to be his career and his family, though he has also earned a well-deserved reputation as a giving and caring member of his extended community.

Unique Advances In His Career

Since starting his career as a cloud consultant, Daniel Hurt has done what he can to expand this field and boost his success. For example, he believes strongly in fractional sales management and how it can help small businesses less ground. Fractional sales management focuses on finding managers who share their time and energy with multiple companies to reduce costs and improve their growth.

Furthermore, he believes in servant leadership as an essential business model for the future. Servant leadership eliminates the old-school boss mentality by focusing on the growth and well-being of employees and stakeholders. The idea behind this concept is that leaders can help their company grow from the ground up and provide better support for their business development.

Long-Time Fort Lauderdale Resident

While Daniel Hurt has moved many times throughout his career, he always seems to return to Fort Lauderdale. Born and raised in the area, he continued to come back here to visit his family and friends. After finishing college, he even found his dream career in his hometown. It was a dream come true for him, and he’s spent the last 20 years here growing his career and business.

Since settling back in the region, he and his wife Janet have raised a wonderful son named Michael, who they work hard to instil lessons about working hard and following your dreams. Both believe supporting children with vital education and focused learning is essential. Michael is a skilled and intelligent student who continues to grow and mature each year.

Just as importantly, Daniel Hurt and Janet also believe in supporting their community. Both shop in Fort Lauderdale whenever possible and visit local businesses. Giving money back to the community helps the region grow and helps expand its presence in the area. They believe the best way to boost regional growth is by giving smaller businesses the chance to thrive and develop properly.

Important Causes Daniel Hurt Supports

Over the years, Daniel Hurt has become involved in many distinct movements and causes that he believes will improve the world around him. It is vital to him that he does what he can to improve the world. He believes that successful people take the time to give and help struggling people get a better chance in life. For this reason, he has supported things like the Universal Basic Income Movement.

This movement (otherwise known as UBI) is an idea that gained massive traction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Proponents of this movement believe that the government could do more to support the population. For example, they suggest providing a basic universal income for all adults that helps supplant their primary income or support those who cannot make an income, such as retired or individuals.

UBI has been around for a long time, but proponents like Daniel Hurt have pushed heavily for it during COVID-19 after so many people struggled to make bills. While opponents claim it is a form of socialism, its supporters disagree. They state that it is simply a safety system for those individuals who cannot earn enough money for themselves and wouldn’t be designed to stop people from working.

Beyond UBI, Hurt has also worked on the Beach Clean Up Project to help restore Florida to a more beautiful state. These projects focus on cleaning up beaches by removing debris, pollution, and much more from beaches. He has gone to many areas and volunteered to clean them up with teams of like-minded individuals. Doing so helps to restore these beaches to more beautiful states.

Furthermore, Daniel Hurt also supports taking active measures to minimize climate change, such as reducing carbon production and creating cleaner overall manufacturing methods. He also believes it is essential for businesses to do what they can to help, such as recycling initiatives and lobbying congress members to pass cleaner energy bills and find alternative energy sources.

He supports national parks and believes in expanding them when possible. This idea centres around making more land and property into national parks and protecting them appropriately. This protection includes adding stricter rules against pollution and hunting and properly prosecuting those who break these laws. In this way, he believes he can help make the world a better place for future generations.


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