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Dan Hurt

Business Consultant

While Daniel Hurt has moved many times throughout his career, he always seems to return to Fort Lauderdale. Born and raised in the area, he continued to come back here to visit his family and friends. After finishing college, he even found his dream career in his hometown. It was a dream come true for him, and he’s spent the last 20 years here growing his career and business. Since settling back in the region, he and his wife Janet have raised a wonderful son named Michael, who they work hard to instil lessons about working hard and following your dreams. Both belief supporting children with vital education and focused learning is essential. Michael is a skilled and intelligent student who continues to grow and mature each year. Just as importantly, Daniel Hurt and Janet also believe in supporting their community. Both shop in Fort Lauderdale whenever possible and visit local businesses. Giving money back to the community helps the region grow and helps expand its presence in the area. They believe the best way to boost regional growth is by giving smaller businesses the chance to thrive and develop properly.

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